The Disney Years

The Disney Years

Tarzan’s Treehouse (1999)
Disneyland, California

“I have tremendous respect for Bob and his ideas. He brings a child-like innocence
into the things he designs and does.”
-Tony Baxter, Sr. VP WDI, quoted in TPA Magazine, 2000

He’ll be missed terribly, I’m excited for him because he’s going to do many wonderful things that will make many people very happy. The downside is, that Imagineering has lost one hell of a good person – a creative visionary – and that is going to be felt around the Park big-time.
-Rick West, Editor Theme Park Adventure, 1999

Liberty Street Concept (1991)
Disneyland, California


Pirates of the Caribbean (1997)
Disneyland, California


Haunted Mansion (1995)
Disneyland, California


Indiana Jones Expedition (1988)
Disneyland, California


Phantom Manor (1987)
Paris, France


Matterhorn (1994)
Disneyland, California


Tomorrowland Spaceport (1986)
Disneyland, California

“Bob was not just liked by most [at Disney], he was loved. I really thought he was great to work with and a good friend.”
– Eddie Sotto, quoted on, 2011

Additional Projects for Walt Disney Imagineering (1986 – 1999):

Disneyland Splash Mountain
Autry Western Heritage Museum
Lucas Spaceport
Disneyland Big Thunder
Disneyland Frontierland
Disneyland Storybook Land
Geyser Mountain Concept
Critter Country 500 Concept
Young Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular
Disneyland Paris Frontierland
Epcot Land Pavilion
Epcot Innoventions
Disneyland Adventureland
Disneyland and Epcot Masterplans
Winnie the Pooh Boat Ride Concept
Atlantis Expedition Concept